To summarize:

1. Finished a phone interview for a non-medical job that has a drug test - did not know this up front until the interview(it's an installer job, 4k projectors and movie theater sorta stuff- I won't really be putting anyone's lives at risk if I smoke a doobie on a Friday night).

2. Employer loved me, we're having another interview in person this time

3. I've smoked weed. Shit, I don't personally know anyone who hasn't at least once in filthy liberal, decriminalized NYC. I *believe* it'll be a follicle test based on their hr page.

4. I'm not a dishonest person, nor do I care about the job enough to come up with some elaborate scheme to get around the test.

5. I've only really been job searching for a week, but I don't feel I should just flake on the interview

So, what would you do - tell them before any drug test to not waste anyone's time, skip out on the whole thing, or take the test and explain afterwards?

**weird update 03/2016**

So I canceled that interview, overbearing HR aside I didn't want to deal with the drive. Something judgy and republican was said in the thread about 'self medicating' with pot, and how I should be seeking professional advice instead of smoking pot. I saw the logic in that so scheduled an appointment with a shrink and was completely honest with her, telling her about my pot use and former drinking habit. I explained how I was always tired physically while my mind was always doing the opposite, and that I stopped ADHD treatment in the past because adderall made me an angrier, more efficient jerk and went as far as being honest about sexual side effects. She was incredible, and addressed my concerns with a mellow, sexual disfunction free blend of low milligram anti-anxiety and adhd meds that don't tend to cause agitation/aggression. She also didn't judge my pot use, and immedietly said I was self medicating for anxiety and said I'd be over the need in weeks. Class friggin act.

She also suggested that I immediately see a cardiologist, and I broke tradition and actually followed through. It was a good decision because my resting bpm was intense and my blood pressure out of whack. Explains the headaches I smoked pot to get rid of. He put me on a very mild dose of blood pressure control meds and the headaches are gone and the fast heart beat mellowing out.

I also have not craved a cigarette and smoke less pot, I'm weening myself but am in no rush to quit cold turkey, I believe it has it's uses and shouldn't be vilified. . I need to get back to the workforce so it doesn't fit, but I may just end up a stoner when I retire :) I'm also not constantly chasing energy through snickers, I've lost 6 pounds so far. I am tired, but my heart's pumping at a gentler pace so I think I have to just get used to the pace and that it's not really exhaustion, and it can take up to 6 weeks for me to feel the full benefits.

PSA - go to the doctors. I feel like an idiot for not going sooner.

pluggins away on the job search, but I'm a hell of a lot less stressed out

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