When you have a 9-5 job, many time you run out of time to different other things which makes life a bit of messy and frustrating sometimes, planning or choosing the perfect work attires is one of those things we have to do but run out of time for doing this. Better to plan a whole weeks outfit on Sundays or when you have a day off, doing this not only buy you extra time in busy mornings but also it would be a hassle-free morning since choosing outfits every day is actually a hell of a task.


How a single blouse can be used for 3-4 look at ease?

As above we have mentioned how planning outfits for a week can save a lot of your time, but also planning smartly can help you in making a single clothing piece goes for 3-4 times a week. A plain white blouse or a subtle print cheap blouses can be used paired with pants, pencil skirts or sometimes with dresses which has a low neck or something. Adding blazers would be a nice finishing touch to overlook, although you can also take a full sleeve blouse, it also looks good on everyone.


Fashion is actually an easy thing if done smartly and clothing pieces were chosen wisely, so with the tricks mentioned above you can make your life a little easy and for choosing best outfits for you, come to www.berrylook.com


T-shirts are all-time favourite clothing for women:

Time has gone when t-shirts were used to be male fashion only because of those looks manly, women are wearing and loving t shirts for women very much because they are comfortable, easy to slip on, do not have much sizing issue and can be worn anywhere. So, t-shirts are in craze very much and are a very trendy piece of clothing which should remain in every woman's closet for easy and effortless styling. Also, t-shirts can be used for gifting options since you are a woman you would know very well how clothing pieces play a vital role in a girl or woman's life. So, help other women with your fashion skills and gift them something which they can use painlessly in their everyday styling.


When it comes to choosing, you can have lots of options in t-shirts for both causal attires and formal attire, you can take your favourite piece from berrylook

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