• While there's no magic formula for success in day trading, there's definitely value in collaborating and learning from each other's approaches. Whether it's discussing technical analysis techniques, risk management strategies, or psychology insights, there's always something new to discover.
    Speaking of exploring new avenues, have you ever considered incorporating AI tools into your trading routine? Platforms like Immediate Edge ( utilize artificial intelligence to analyze market trends and provide real-time insights, which can be incredibly valuable in making informed decisions.
    Immediate Edge ™ - The Official Website 2024 | 【Updated】
    Immediate Edge offers a platform designed to enhance your trading experience. It assists in tracking the market, enabling informed decisions.
  • Trading is and is not simple at the same time. What’s not simple about it is the accumulation of knowledge you need in order to properly see what’s happening in the market. Once however you have acquired the necessary knowledge to make rational decisions, You must then learn To conquer your emotions surrounding losing money. Because this will happen you will lose money. And I know that everyone says this but the fact of the matter is you can make money trading breaks from support and resistance by following the trends. However most people cannot practice good response agement and manage their emotions surrounding trading.
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