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I made prior posts about CBD, but in this case I have a particular angle: I want to ask whether people here ever experienced the use of CBD as producing some kind of feeling or 'high'.

Studies indicate that CBD at a high enough dose can produce an intoxication similar to THC.

For those of you who added it to cannabis, that is helpful data too: how did it impact your cannabis experience?

I can add the following experience: I had smoked earlier in the day, a few hours before, but the high was fading and I wanted to be a bit less high. I took a tincture of 33mg CBD oil (no THC), and held in my mouth for a minute or so, then swallowed. Immediately (due to sublingual absorption) I felt a sense of clean and simple satisfaction. It was obvious that the CBD immediately joined with the THC still active from earlier and enhanced it. Importantly, it enhanced it without impairing - I didn't feel more 'stoned', I just felt better.

It seems it does not produce euphoria, at least in the dose range I tried (up to 200mg) but it can  act as a mood-stabilizer and anti-depressant. It might be able to produce a good satisfied feeling, useful for general anxiety. While the experience above was when I took CBD along with a high from earlier, I want to try some CBD-only experiences.

A CBD experience may garner some of the benefits of cannabis intoxication without some of the drawbacks, like impairment and the possibility of anxiety.

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  • Your CBD experience sounds really intriguing! It's fascinating how CBD can interact with THC to provide a sense of satisfaction without impairing effects. Thanks for sharing your insights.
    If you're interested in exploring CBD further, this website offers a variety of premium CBD products, including vegan CBD gummies https://www.naturecan.nl/products/vegan-cbd-gummies. These gummies are not only convenient but also delicious, providing a fun way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Plus, with no THC, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects.
    It's great to hear about your positive experience with CBD, and I hope you continue to find it beneficial in your cannabis journey.
  • Your positive encounter with CBD highlights its potential to complement cannabis use while maintaining clarity and functionality. It's wonderful to hear how CBD has contributed to your overall sense of well-being.
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