hi guys, basically my school has an accelerated math program. if i get entry into it, it means in year 9 i will not only do year 9 math but year 10 math as well. in year 10 i will do year 10 math as well as math adv and math ext1. this means i will completing the hsc examinations for math adv and math ext1 in year 11. does anyone know a good tutor on BOS to get me ahead? preferably someone who is experienced and has done this program at their former school so they know how to get me ahead and give tips and stuff. i would prefer a private 1 on 1 but i wouldnt mind a small group(3-5 students). any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!!

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  • Hi there! It sounds like you have an exciting opportunity with your school's accelerated math program. If you're looking for a tutor who can provide guidance and help you excel in your studies, Check if there are any local tutoring centers in your area that specialize in math. These centers often have experienced tutors who can offer personalized instruction and support. I know a guy who runs a tutoring business and he followed https://tutorcruncher.com/tutoring-business-plan/ now he has a lot of satisfied graduates
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  • Hi. Not every day do I hear from people eagerly wanting to learn maths in advance! You should have a powerful motivation, I guess. I've been doing that way but not an entire year, only some chapters ahead. Since the pandemic began, I've been doing my business solely online. Hence I recommend you try to find an online tutor. As a variant, I might suggest you find here https://www.getutor.com.hk/. You have to register and complete a form. It's simple and easy, and you don't have to worry about anything because they match you with a suitably experienced tutor.
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