It should be the dream scenario, however, I have a very limited market share, if any right now. I really want to find some sure fire PR, or celebrity contacts to wear my tees and hoodies. I know I have something very unique, very special to offer the urban wear market. With enough capital I would invest in a DTG printer, lower the prices, increase the size of my prints, etc. But getting there is the problem, I'm not keen on plugging away at My Space, I really need someone who can on a (very limited for now) budget up the profile of and increase my market share - any advice or contacts would be most welcome! See my work and then decide if I'm worth promoting!




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  • Dude your designs are awesome!

    I'm new to this so I can't offer suggestions for getting your brand out but I'm sure when people find out about your T's they will flip!

    Well done mate.
  • Retro God - I do not think that their is any "sure fire" method. Fortunately for you, you have many good things going for you already. The main one being good designs.. Anyway, regarding the "celeb" approach. In my personal opinion, it would be better to work via a PR company rather then approach a celeb on your own. Unfortunately, the celebs understand that what they wear does in fact make a difference to the world.

    If you are interested you can find a list of fashion PR companies from this link. The problem with using this approach is that the PR companies obviously cost money...

    By the way, in my opinion "buyers" (retail store buyers) may be more important to you at this time then celebs to wear the garments. You may want to focus your attention on contacting stores rather then celebs.

    If you need info on where to find buyer names let me know. Unfortunately, those are in books that also cost money.. Anyway, I know where you can find the books if you need them.
  • Oh which stars are you looking at, Im thinking the most photographed and who is seen out in public the most
  • Yeah thats a good idea, I wonder who else would want to contribute to it
  • Thanks Rubi - yes we want celebs! Perhaps we could all contribute freebie vouchers to a virtual goodie bag and then hopefully find some way of getting that in a few celebs inboxes via agents, stylists, journalists?, there must be a way!
  • I think we all want info on this
    I think the celeb thing is the way to go, in the research I have done it always seems to be a designer becomes famous when just one huge celeb wears its product. Doesnt matter if its a shirt, handbag earrings,jeans its always the same, but HOW DO YOU GET TO THE CELEB
    The only way to go is through thier stylist, but in Australia we really dont have huge celebs let alone them have stylist, so Im starting to look overseas now for stylist of the stars

    I think your site is is great and looks professional, your products are very NOW and buyable, if thats a words

    IF anyone has info could you please add to this thread, any
    help would be great
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