What is a Jobber?

Today I received a question from a viewer at Apparel Search asking me to expalin what a Jobber does. I provided her with an answer, but pointed out that I was not 100% certain. Below is her question and my answer. Viewers Question: "I'd love to see the definition/explanation of a "jobber." I've looked at other sites, but there isn't an explanation about why someone in the fashion industry would need a jobber or what jobbers offer to the public. Can you help define for me? Thanks." My Answer: As per my understanding of jobber, they do not offer anything to the "public". I believe that jobbers do not sell to consumers and they only sell within the industry. A jobber is similar to a wholesaler. They purchase product from company "A" and then sell the product to company "B". Wholesalers typically buy from factories and then sell to retailers. I think that jobbers typically buy from other wholesalers (at discounted prices) and occasionally direct from factories. They help move access inventory. If a mill is stuck with access fabric or a wholesaler has received a store return or a cancellation, they can contact a Jobber to help liquidate the inventory. The excess inventory is some times referenced as closeout inventory. Does anyone know if my explanation was correct or incorrect? Please post your anwer to her question. By the way, the other night I wrote a brief article called wholesale clothing which also mentions jobbers. I was tired when I wrote that article, so hope it made at least a tiny bit of sense...

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