You wouldn’t leave the house without a pair of shoe, right? Well just like your shoes, don’t doubt the importance of sunglasses either. When the weather gets hot and the sun starts sending it’s rays our way, don’t make the unfortunate mistake of leaving your shades at home. Here are some very important tips for choosing the perfect sunglasses 2013 for men.

 1. Style IS Important

Forget old myths and wives tales that claim men don’t need to stay in style. Men should keep their wardrobes current and keep their accessories fashion forward, just like women! Keep this in mind when shopping for your new pair of shades. Some of the most popular trends include aviators, flat tops, wayfarers, and opal-shapes. Choosing which one you particularly want is entirely up to you, as everyone’s tastes are different. Find a pair that is as trendy as you and you’re good to go.

  2. Fit Your Face

While style is important, it is not the most important must-have on the list for choosing ideal sunglasses. You need to find shades that match your unique face shape. To keep it simple, stick to this easy guide:
Triangular face: A triangular face is, well, triangle. And for this particular reason you need to find a pair of sunglasses that have frames with broader bottoms. This will draw attention away from the triangular shape, giving your overall appearance a more balanced look. Aviators are great for this face shape as it gives the impression of width at the lower part of the face.

Oval face: Wayfarers are the ideal pair of shades for oval faces. Why? Because wayfarers provide a broader lens, thus creating a broader look for the entire face while defining the angles of your facial curves as well.
Round face: On the other hand, round faces will work best with a pair of flat tops. This is because an angular frame will add detail to your face while also making the face appear much longer than it truly is.

  3. Colors, Colors

The last piece to the puzzle is color. Try to find a pair of sunglasses that matches your specific needs, but also take note of the colors. Try to choose fashion colors for your shades. Pastels are really hot this summer, but if you’re not brave enough to wear pastel shades you can easily wear neutral and dark shades for a great look.

 4. Lens Material

Many find this tip less important. But if you are one of those people who fancy a certain texture over another, you will love this tip. Some are made of metal, while others are made of plastic. Others are made of glass, acrylic- you name it. Check this out before purchasing.

 5. Price

Last but not least, there comes the topic of price. Of course, you will need to find sunglasses that suit your specific price needs. Don’t doubt the value of amazon promotional code 2013 for discounts, either, as they can really help you reach your fashion as well as budget goals.

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