The use of gold and diamond rings is so common nowadays for weddings and engagements. It doesn't matter for what purpose you are buying a diamond ring, you must consider the following things:


Reputed Seller

Whether you are going to buy a natural diamond ring or are willing to pick a lab-grown diamond, you must rely on a reputed seller. During my stays in the UK, I usually buy diamond rings from Novita Diamonds and always received one of the well-customized lab-grown diamonds. Indeed, I prefer lab-grown diamond rings compared to natural diamonds. 


Cut is one of the prime factors of 4 Cs. A cut defines the shine and spark of the diamond. So, the first thing that you must consider while choosing a diamond ring should be a perfectly cut diamond stone. Also, diamond cuts play a vital role in enhancing the overall size of the diamond.


Diamond colours are categorized into various kinds. Yes, experts allot them different grades on the basis of their colours. These grades start with D and end with Z. The worth of a diamond decreases from D to Z. 


Everyone likes crystal-clear diamonds without impurities. Therefore, clarity is considered an important aspect when choosing a diamond ring. You must ask about the number of inclusions from diamond jewellers while purchasing diamond rings. The more number of inclusions means there are more imperfections there in a diamond. 


In the end, you should see the carat. Although carat is used to know the purity of gold but when we talk about diamonds, carat refers to the weight. A high-carat diamond owns a high price tag. However, other C factors also influence the price of the ring. 


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  • Your tips are on point! Lab-grown diamonds from Novita Diamonds sound like a brilliant choice. I've been through the 4 Cs drill, and a perfectly cut diamond makes all the difference. It's like wearing a sparkle story on your finger! However, I already have amazing rings , so I'm not planning to get any more soon. Still, thanks for the useful info!
  • Well, I'll think about it
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