The use of CBD edibles is common nowadays but it is interesting to know that several fashion celebrities have also shared about their use of gummies. So, if you are still unaware of Hollywood fashion celebs that are using gummies for different purposes, you must read this thread.

Kim Kardashian - Probably, all of you would know Kim Kardashian who has 342 million followers on Instagram and is very famous among the American people. She has publically shown her support for CBD and organized a CBD-themed baby shower as well. Even you can find that the entire Kardashian Family loves to use all types of cannabidiol products including CBD creams, topicals and THCjd edibles from here. Similarly, recent reports claim that Kris Jenner spends $732 on weed gummies. 

Dakota Johnson - Dakota Johnson is another big name on our list. According to her, CBD products especially oils are helping her to sleep in planes otherwise, it will be hard for her to survive. Here are her exact words, “I try to knock myself asleep on aircraft; otherwise, my whole life comes apart.”

Emma Roberts - Emma Roberts is a famous American actress who has worked in both TV series and films. In an interview with a fashion magazine, she accepted that CBD baths are one of the eleven things that are necessary for her sane survival. Moreover, she has also publically endorsed the use of CBD products.

Mandy Moore - If we include a successful celeb from the music industry in our list then we will include Mandy Moore. Basically, this mother of two typically benefits from CBD products to get rid of foot pain and muscle cramps. Mainly, she has publically talked that she applies CBD oil on her feet to comfortably wear heels. 


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