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Which shade of emerald can be called Verdant Green

  In the book "Nature History" written by Old Pliny in the first century AD, he once described emeralds " nothing is greener than it." He also described the use of emeralds by gemologists. “If you want to relax your eyes, there is nothing better than staring at emeralds. Its mild and turquoise color can soothe and eliminate their fatigue and lack of energy.” Pliny mentioned one of the main factors affecting the value of emeralds - color.

  Hue: color categories, such as red, yellow, blue, green, etc.: brightness to the light source and the saturation of surface of the object. Color purity or vividness is according to emerald color grading system supported by emerald color stone. According to the Munsell color theory, the color level is divided into five levels: Light, Medium, Intense, Vivid, and Deep.

  Among them, Vivid represents a color with higher saturation and lightness. Vivid green color definition: pure green (with yellow or blue) with slight color cast, saturation (chroma) thick to deep, high brightness, average color distribution at a certain viewing distance. Today, Verdant Green is the highest rating of the emerald color in Guild's lab. It is part of Vivid Green and refers to the green color with higher saturation and brightness, representing the top of the emerald colour. Saturation and lightness are two main considerations. Vivid Green can only reach Verdant Green's rating if it is high enough and the brightness is high enough.<Click>

  "Lightness" means the brightness of the color, light and dark, etc. The higher the brightness, the brighter the color. The "saturation" indicates the shade of the color. The higher the saturation, the darker the color. Verdant Green is for emerald, like Pigeon red of ruby, "Royal Blue" of sapphire. Verdant Green's emeralds must meet the following requirements: color is a natural cause, meets VividGreen grade, and has higher brightness and saturation; the origin is not considered as a factor for evaluating Verdant Green, as long as the emerald of any place is as long as it is hue, lightness and saturation reach the standard; the degree of clarity optimization is None, Insignificant, Minor, Minor to Moderate. Emeralds usually require a degree of clarity due to their growing environment and gemological characteristics, but a higher degree of optimization affects color. Therefore, the silver couples jewelry with a medium degree of optimization and a significant level of severity cannot be rated by Verdant Green.

  Emeralds with any of the following characteristics cannot be rated by Verdant Green: (1) surface coating, dyeing or other color-changing treatments; (2) significant quality problems such as distinct ribbons, dark inclusions, and leaky bottoms Etc.; (3) apparent filling on the surface; (4) distinct, widely distributed unoptimized fractures; (5) Moderate and Significant clarity optimization levels.

  In addition, the Guild standard color stone is the lower limit stone, and the color level of the sample to be tested is lower when the color is between two colorimetric colors. For example, an emerald color is located between Vivid Green and Verdant Green with saturation and lightness between the two sides of the color stone. According to the colorite lower limit rule, the color level of the sample is Vivid Green. This means that the grading standards are more stringent. Therefore, when purchasing emeralds, you must choose a certificate issued by a reliable laboratory to obtain scientific and effective color results in accordance with strict testing standards. Some people may have questions: What is the essential difference between Verdant Green and Muzu Green? We know that the origin and color are not necessarily related. Although color is a reference factor in the discrimination of origin, in fact, the determination of origin is a complex task, and it is necessary to consider various factors such as basic gemological parameters, inclusions, spectroscopic characteristics and trace element content and distribution. It can be seen that the origin and color are two concepts, and the couple jewellery colors of different origins overlap.

  High-quality emeralds are not only unique to Colombia, but also top quality emeralds in Brazil, Afghanistan, Zambia and other places. Some laboratories use Muzuo green to describe color, a certain place name to represent the top color of emeralds, and the Colombian origin as a color grading requirement. This is not a scientific and effective approach. The main reason is that color and origin are the two main factors in judging the value of emeralds on the market. The two should be independent of each other. There is no necessary connection between the two, and there should be no intersection.Get name necklace

  Therefore, the concept of introducing a place of origin when judging color is highly misleading. According to the gemologists of Guild Labs in 2016, they visited the Muzo mine in Colombia and discussed in depth with dozens of prestigious and experienced businessmen. They collected a large number of color standards and production standards and found that the color of the emerald produced in the Muzuo mining area is very rich. But semantically, these gems should be called Muzuo Green. With the continuous mining of various mining areas and the continuous exploration of new mining areas, high-quality mothers jewelry emerge in various producing areas, and are no longer unique to Colombia. Brazil, Afghanistan, Zambia and the newly discovered Ethiopia have produced many high-quality emeralds. Therefore, color and origin are two independent factors for evaluating emeralds, and the factors of origin should not be considered when grading colors. Obviously, the rating conditions of Muzuo Green are unfair and unscientific for emeralds from other places, full of contradictions and controversies. Therefore, the definition and implementation of Verdant Green is more conducive to the healthy development of emerald trading.

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