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What exactly is rhinestone? Is it a diamond or a crystal?

     When we buy jewelry in some small stores, we often find that many small gemstones are used for decoration. If you ask what material it is, the merchant will usually tell you that it is a rhinestone. "What is a rhinestone?" "The rhinestone is splints." The merchant will answer you. So over time, many people think that the rhinestone is splints, and the splints is a rhinestone, which is worthless. So, is this true? Today, we will explain to you the two concepts. What is a rhinestone? Is it a diamond?

  The rhinestone is of course not a diamond, nor a material, but a general term for imitation heart diamond cute necklaces for girlfriend material. In fact, rhinestones and splints are two completely different things, and even the price will be very different. If you can't tell the concept, it is easy to spend some money in the process of buying jewelry. So today, let’s talk to you in detail, what is the difference between the two.

  What is splints? Splints is not a broken diamond, but a small particle. Even a splints is a complete diamond. Diamonds generally below 10 points can be called splints. It is often said that small splints are worthless. In fact, this is relative. A single small splints can of course not sell at a high price. However, when used for group inlaying, all of them require high-magnification microscope artificial inlay, the process cost is not low, the dosage is also very large, and the inlay cost is more than 10,000. Therefore, the price of jewellery set by splints is definitely not worth much for many people to imagine. It is only used for jewelry inlays, and it is not used in jewelry, clothing, shoe bags, etc. as much as rhinestones. There is no such thing as a local tyrant who fills a car and a staircase with a splints.

  What is rhinestone? The full name of a rhinestone is actually called crystal diamond, but it is neither a crystal nor a diamond, but a material that resembles a diamond. There are several common materials for rhinestones, including glass, artificial crystal, topaz, zircon, synthetic cubic zirconia, etc. Most of the accessories that are seen in boutiques are made of rhinestones. There are also many moneybags' decorations, similar to cars and stairs. The sports car with rhinestones is not only called rhinestones, but also can be called Austrian diamonds, Czech diamonds, Korean diamonds, domestic A diamonds, domestic B diamonds, etc., so we said that when buying jewelry and jade, the name of the jewelry is added. Be careful with the prefix, because it is likely to confuse the name of the audiovisual, but the actual material is quite worthless. The quality and quality of the rhinestones are different, and the gloss will be different. For example, the gloss of Czech diamonds can last for three years, while some rhinestones are not radiant, just a transparent object. The cheap rhinestone jewelry is a bit like the commercial "crystal" concept. It does not refer to the natural crystals we are familiar with, but to the special type of bright glass used in artificial heart diamond necklace. For example, the crystal cups and crystal lamps we often say are not cups and lamps made of natural crystals, but synthetic glass. Because of the addition of metal elements, the performance of some aspects will be improved compared with natural glass.

  One of the most typical examples is Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals are actually lead glass, which is particularly bright because of the addition of lead. Therefore, Swarovski crystals are the best in rhinestones, with excellent cuts and dazzling eyes. But don't say that Swarovski sells fakes. People never say that they sell natural crystals. It sells crafts and designs. It is only when the market is sold that merchants will blur the concept, which makes people think that this is natural crystal, even a real diamond.

   What is zircon? Is zircon a rhinestone? I always thought that zircon is a fake drill made by hand. Do you think so? Zircon is blackened by synthetic cubic zirconia. In fact, all aspects of zircon hardware are good. Zircon is actually a natural gemstone zircon which is probably the most embarrassing gem in the world. I don't know when it started, people began to like to call all imitation diamonds zircon, which is synonymous with diamond counterfeit goods and rhinestones. When they heard zircon, they immediately shook their heads. But what most people don't know is that zircon is actually a very good natural gem, which is better than many popular gemstones in terms of gem quality. It is such a gem that should be sought after, but it has become a 'crossing street mouse'. Why is zircon a synonym for ‘rhinestone’ in everyone’s mouth? Because in the past few years, the most commonly used material for counterfeiting diamonds on the market was synthetic cubic zirconia, also known as the Soviet drill. It is a synthetic material that can be synthesized in a variety of colors, and its hardness and fire are very close to diamonds. Synthetic cubic zirconia of various colors material is well known to consumers as a counterfeit of diamonds, but the name of synthetic cubic zirconia is too long, and people have become 'zircon'. Over time, the 'zircon' has become synonymous with all imitation diamonds, and it has become less and less as a natural gem in everyone's sight. Even when everyone hears it is 'zircon' Think this is a rhinestone. So zircon is really wronged! Nothing is done, the name of the natural gemstone is deprived.

  In fact, zircon is a natural natural product with a hardness of 6-7.5, which is comparable to many popular gems. Common colors are yellow, brown, red, blue, etc., and the gloss is from black diamond earrings for women <Link>to glass. The dispersion value is 0.038, which means that many gems are 'stepped under the feet', so strong dispersion is a highlight of zircon. The cut zircon looks so bright that it is not even inferior to the brilliance of diamonds. So now you understand, zircon is not a diamond counterfeit, nor a rhinestone, but another natural gem. It is only because of some historical reasons and people's common name that it will be defamed. All in all, in short! The rhinestone is not a diamond, not a broken diamond, not a natural crystal, or a zircon, which is not a grievance. The rhinestone is a synthetic material. The material of the imitation diamond is not worth the money, but the price is definitely not expensive, as long as it is not uninvited. Defrauding to buy rhinestones with the price of buying real diamonds, there is still a market for rhinestones.

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