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Twitter is a new phenomenon for most lifestyle, fashion and entertainment brands, companies and products. The #140 Conf that I spoke at covered twitter’s use across multiple industries. Here are a few of notes over the course of two days. Most of these were live tweets, feel free to use Twitter search to review conference #140conf on your own.

These microblogged sentences are in no particular order, they are morsels and tidbits, for you to use and devise your own ideas. The ones in black are my favorites. Enjoy.

Be trustworthy. Be right. Be first. #

Become the authority on a subject; find bloggers who are in the same/parallel industries. Reach out, engage. #

Use People Browsr or Tweet Deck. #

Visual #14o Conf Notes: #

Authenticity: Shifting our understanding of the medium. Fragmented limbo; def. the meaning. #

Interaction: Humanistic, real. Nothing mechanical. #

Companies don’t push data in real time; think about the world in real time. Easier for a new company than an est. one. #

Twitter streams: New ways to deliver information. Interacts w/ other mediums. Mobile/social/static. #

Built in: multiple layers of redundancy. #

Business clouding: add strong data, drive contact & structure to the data stream #

SEO & Traffic: Top Referrers: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter. #

How do you get your media online & enhance the value proposition? #

Twitter isn’t ideal for crowd sourcing. #

What you put out - let people know you’re available. #

TV/Entertainment – Social Media is part of marketing. #

Microsyntax = various ways to embed structured info twitter messages, like RT, @, # et al. # Need more complex syntaxes in future. # – Identify, research, find consensus in info syntax w/ Twitter message. #

Twitter 101: Listen, gather info, respond & then DEEPLY engage. #

Social ROI & metrics are dependent on what you’re trying to measure. #

Celebs are suing twitter over fake accounts. They settle, donate money to charity. Twitter has policies for removing impersonators. #

If you add affiliate links to your tweets, full disclosure & align it with editorial content. #

Should merchants encourage give twitter related links/content - hell yes! Just optimize the landing page correctly #

If you add affiliate links to your tweets, full disclosure & align it with editorial content. #

@stephagresta - affliate marketing & monetization of twitter. Love @neilpatel &

@shoemoney. #

@themaria - Customer service is key for brand building. No one wants to be marketed to #

Customer service is the best thing you can have. You already have the customer; take care of what you have. It generates WOM. #

Is customer service more important than marketing? Big debate going on. #

@jeffTWC if you listen to your customers, they'll tell you what they want & the way they want it. There you have it, so sexy. #

@kodakcb learned that customers weren't as hostile as Kodak expected. They were patient & understanding. #140conf

How do you steer a big ship (brands) w/agility? @jbell99 just quoted me "brands are going to make noise". Honored, thank you. #

Jennifer Cisney (@kodakCB) - is Kodak's Chief Blogger - GREAT TITLE. #

@themaria just taught me about #

@bronwen tells me tweets appear on search engines for only 1 month, then disappear. #

Dear brands on twitter: Don't always be selling. Once you're on twitter, you can't get off. #

@bmorrissey writes killer haikus. #

Ford is doing a great job. Scot Monty has a great face. #

Twitter as GPS for Biz: Blogging is about consumption, not writing. Must have presence in twitter, users are there to consume. #

Squarespace didn't add value; it created noise in the stream. Not useful, more brands will try & create noise for visibility. #

When not to use twitter: when there's no added value. Don't try & get useless attention. It's SPAM. #

Twitter GPS: Where do you go? Agencies advising need agility, but you have to rep it across all brands/markets.#

Social media marketing agencies: KNOW the industries your clients represent or get out. #

Brands want to move into demand generation, not just responding to problems. #

@dberkowitz when working w/entertainment clients, what is the value of soc. media? Twitter has to fit into best practices. #

Vulnerability is coming closer to others; the gap closes & relationships fuse. If we don't act human, we'll lose our connection. #

Intimacy trumps everything, incl. biz relationships. You want to do biz with the person you know & trust. #

You always want to reduce friction in a relationship. Don't ask how you can be helpful, give that person the idea. #

GM had twitter feed in Spanish/English. Re: Bankruptcy: HOT. #

Trust agents are the human side of your business. Be a trust agent when times are shitty. #

If you read one thing this year, read @ChrisBrogan’s book : TRUST AGENTS. #

@MaheshMurthy talks about Brands. 4 Steps: 1.Sniff to invite 2.Small updates 3.Big Bangs to get big RT 4.Sniff #

@erictpeterson's "Twitter Metrics" presentation from this morning is up at Slideshare: #

@staberubel says future of soc. networking is open web (social embed into everything) vs. particular social sites #

@MaheshMurthy's presentation at #140conf - Twitter's Role in an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan -

@macala paid $10 for a cupcake, it fell on the ground outside my hotel. NY: I love you, but I love LA more. Never leaving Cali. #

@zappos tells @briansolis that "man hugs" have no social metric value. Just brings happiness. #

@radian6 social media ROI needs to weighted against certain objectives and what you're trying to measure. Cust. Service, brand awareness.

Twitter is for long term branding tool, not measured for marketing in terms of ROI. Via @zappos #140conf

@radian6 biggest brand mistake is applying traditional marketing. One-way conversation. Don't just push message. #

@zappos says a company's culture may lag behind social media , it’ll catch up. #

Twitter for business: listen to clients and customers, listen to their needs. Provide solutions. #

@zappos twitter is amazing for #sxsw parties! Wanted to replicate that information flow for Zappos culture. Nurture relationships. #

TV execs - social media is a marketing & creative expense. Necessary. Even if not completely measurable to investors/bottom line. #

If Sci-Fi and Jimmy Fallon use twitter to engage fans, why are Sony & studios so afraid to? They are having positive experiences. #

If Sci-Fi had listened to fans, they never would have made Battlestar Gallactica. Hear feedback, but not necessarily follow wants. #

Online TV needs to have value. @shelley_palmer says use online media to enhance your show's value proposition. #

@chrispitre: Twitter has allowed bankers and traders to say "F U" to the SEC. ~ @howardlindzon on stock market & twitter #

@villagevoice twitter is a nervous tick, you have to talk all the time, to all 20k followers. LOL #

Publishing - Fox, NYT, Le Figaro, Guardian. Took note of online. Now reaching generations they couldn't reach. #

For more thoughts about Twitter and social engagement, read FashionablyMarketing.Me.

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