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Should you dress down when you have acne breakouts?

Here it goes again. You wake up in the morning only to discover that your face is full of small pimples. Now that you take a closer look, you notice some zits on the shoulders too. Something like this knocks your confidence down. If you’ve had minor trouble as an adolescent, don’t be surprised that you’re experiencing acne breakouts. Try as you might, sometimes, you can’t prevent pimples. 

What do you normally do when you have breakouts? Do you dress less nicely than you normally do? If the answer is yes, you’re like every other woman out there. You put on a pair of jeans and a bland t-shirt and you’re on your way. You see, skin issues can make you feel insecure. You don’t feel like the prettiest lady, so you dress down hoping that others won’t notice your zits as much as you do. 

You avoid wearing certain colors and stay away from clothes that draw attention to the problem. The most important thing is: Should you care? Dress for your complexion if that makes you feel better. Yet, you shouldn’t take everything to heart. Acne occurs in people of all ages. Plus, very few people are born with perfect skin.

Dressing to distract from major skin problems may NOT help  

Acne is annoying, to say the least. On bad occasions, it can pop up on your throat, neck, and back. Some days, you don’t care what happens. Other days, you feel so self-conscious that you don’t even leave the house. The entire time you’re wondering if there’s something you can do to distract people’s attention from the pimples. 

The more confidence you exude, the less people will care. Fashion models don’t have a problem being themselves or expressing their personalities. Indeed, they can get away with wearing practically everything, but it’s the self-confidence that allows them to take action. The point is that you shouldn’t wear dumpty clothing every time you have a bad acne breakout. 

Just so you know, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Wearing hoodies and sweaters and trying hard to be forgetful won’t solve anything. It only makes the problem bigger and harder to deal with. Don’t you want to experience the freedom of finally resolving an issue that has stuck around for ages? 

Acne is treatable, but keep in mind that there’s no magic product or skin care regimen. You have to find out what works for you. Topical applications are effective because they eliminate surface bacteria. However, if the zits are caused by clogged pores due to excess oil, you might want to consider another remedy. 

Cannabidiol, which is the active compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant, can reduce acne breakouts by regulating the way the body creates sebum. As explained by Organic CBD Nugs, cannabinoids have the power to adjust then sebostatic function that triggers the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. If you do buy CBD for acne, buy from reputable businesses. 

If the pimples still don’t go away, schedule an appointment with a doctor. The home treatments clearly don’t work and your problem could get worse. The best course of action is to see a doctor. 

Your clothing habits may be the cause of the acne breakouts   

Maybe the way you dress is to blame for the situation. Clothing is a key part of our daily lives, yet we don’t pay too much attention to the things we put on. Acne breakouts are caused either by a hormonal imbalance or bacteria from the environment. So, if you wear the wrong types of clothes, you’ll experience embarrassing moments. 

Invest more time in dressing up. These are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

Wearing your bra straps too tight 

If your shoulders hurt, the bra straps are digging into them. Besides the fact that wearing your bra straps too tight is painful, acne breakouts can develop. All that rubbing leads to irritation, which in turn causes zits to appear on the shoulders. If you don’t want to have to deal with those red dots ever again, loosen the straps or go braless, every now and then. 

Leaving on sweaty clothes 

Maybe you like to work out at home. You wake up early in the morning to exercise and collapse on the couch when you’re done. Needless to say, it’s not a good idea to leave on sweaty clothes. Sweat in itself doesn’t cause acne, but the increased buildup of bacteria resulting from the physical activity does. Take a shower and change into clean clothes.  

Opting for fabrics that don’t let your skin breathe 

Synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester don’t let your skin breathe. What’s more, they rub against your body and can cause acne breakouts with time. Invest in clothes made from materials such as cotton or silk. They’ll do wonders for your skin, not to say that they look fantastic. 

All in all, if your zits refuse to go away, your clothing habits may be to blame. By making simple changes in your wardrobe and the way you dress, you can significantly reduce outbreaks. Once your skin clears up, you can confidently wear bright colors. Nothing will look bad on you. You’ll even be able to put on red lipstick. 

Skin positivity is the new thing in the fashion industry. So, even if you don’t completely get rid of the pimples, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it. Nowadays, people don’t want to be told what they should look like and they don’t make such a great effort to cover up their flaws. A cultural shift is taking place and it’s not such a bad thing. 

Wear whatever you think makes you look pretty. People won’t pay too much attention to your skin issues. This is because most of us live busy lives and we don’t have the time to check out imperfections. So, it may all be in your head. You should better make an effort to treat the redness and unevenness. 

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