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Because of the cold weather, as parents, we all work hard to keep the baby warm. Many parents will buy Wholesale Kid Clothes.To avoid the baby catching a cold, parents will give the baby to wear thick winter clothes, turn on the heating in the house, the baby “circle” in the warm room. But child health experts warn that while it is important to protect your baby from the cold, this’ overprotection ‘can also affect your baby’s development.

Experts point out: a year old less than is the fastest development of the infant nervous system period, they also learn to lie on their back, raise their head, turn over, sit, crawl, walk the stage. If the baby put on too thick winter clothes in winter, resulting in excessive bondage of the baby, it is difficult for them to start an independent movement, but also in a certain aspect of learning lag behind.

Therefore, the baby’s winter clothing principle is: in the premise of making sure that the baby warm to give them the appropriate movement space. So, how do we dress our children properly in winter?

Wear a hat or scarf around your head and neck

The cold wind will drill down from the neck to the back, which is an important reason why babies feel cold when they stay outside. To protect the baby’s head and neck, parents need to choose a warm and comfortable hat and a soft and comfortable scarf.

The choice of cap: the cap of the child’s choice and buy should not be too thick. Too thick hat easy to make the baby’s head hot can lead to upset dizziness, and other symptoms. If the baby keeps his head cool and feet warm, he must be refreshed and the blood circulation is smooth. Therefore, the hat should choose soft and comfortable, suitable thickness, ventilation, and breathable. (Wholesale Kid Clothes).

The choice of scarf: the scarf is almost directly attached to the skin, the skin of the baby’s neck is very sensitive and fragile, so when choosing the scarf for the baby, you must choose good quality wool, otherwise it is easy to stimulate the skin and cause allergies. At the same time, we should avoid choosing wool that is easy to depilate. The scarf made of this kind of wool is easy to let the baby breathe the hairs into the trachea and lungs, causing respiratory diseases.

Abdominal warm tips

AbDOMINAL cold is easy to damage the baby’s spleen and stomach function, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion and other diseases, so we should do a good job of keeping warm the lower belly, especially when sleeping, the most need to protect the lower belly, if afraid of the baby pedal quilt to make the stomach cold, can put the baby in a sleeping bag, it can be much warmer.

Underwear can provide the most basic warmth, especially for the belly. Soft cotton underwear not only has good sweat absorption and permeability, but also can keep the air around the skin, block the loss of body heat, so that the baby is not easy to catch cold and sick. Here to remind parents, in the purchase of children’s underwear to avoid the choice of chemical fiber material, this material will aggravate the dry skin and discomfort, is not suitable for the baby to wear.

Place a thin towel over your back

If the baby is easy to sweat, you can put a thin towel on the baby’s back before the exercise. In this case, the baby movement sweat will be absorbed into the towel. After the exercise, take out the sweat towel, the baby’s clothes dry, will not be cold and sick.

In addition, when the weather is cold, you can choose and buy a button for the child’s collar of cashmere, sweater or cotton clothes, so that you can wear some more time, and easy to wear off.

Tips for keeping hands and feet warm

Foot: to know that the baby’s foot surface fat is very little, the thermal insulation ability is very poor, the baby once the feet are cold, the body is also very easy to cold. The key to keeping your feet warm is to exercise and wear good shoes and socks. Choose a pair of comfortable cotton socks for your baby. The socks should not be too tight and must be wide enough to allow the baby’s feet to move freely. Shoe had better be the choice of whole cotton qualitative ground, the shoe wants loose, uppers want soft, sole wants moisture-proof, skid and wear-resisting, the lining in the shoe should be comfortable, soft cotton knitted material.

Hands: If the baby’s hands catch a cold, it is also easy to cause the baby to get sick. To keep their hands warm, parents can choose a suitable pair of gloves for their children. Gloves too large to the child’s finger joint activities caused by inconvenience, also can not play a role in keeping warm; Gloves that are too small can cause blood circulation disruption in the hands and are also not suitable for children to wear. We should choose gloves that are easy to put on and take off and of a suitable size.

In winter, parents are very afraid that their children will get cold and sick, but every winter, there will always be children suffering from “masked by syndrome” and “cover heat syndrome” in the hospital. Covered by syndrome refers to the baby to cover the quilt to the head, cover heat syndrome refers to the child is overdressed, both of which may lead to the child’s breathing difficulties, brain hypoxia may. Therefore, parents need to pay extra attention to this point.

Children are always delicate and need our careful care. In the infant dressing problem, parents must give children according to the temperature of clothing, do not cover too much. For the standard of clothing to increase or decrease, parents can test whether the child’s hands and feet are warm. Once the child’s hands and feet sweat, it means that the child is wearing more.

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