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Factors Determining Success in Bodybuilding

Everyday I meet people who are struggling with basic problememi on various aspects of building form. Among the huge number of trainees, only a few have any idea what it really improves their form and what place in graduation success factors in building the body deal with factors such as nutrition, regeneration, training, supplementation and hormone levels organism .The order of these factors are not random …


Our body is subject to constant change, conditioned to a great extent. First and the most important factor in building a harmonious, healthy, functional body is nutrition. In theory we all know this, but are you sure …? People who train hard, it seems that intensive training and stimulation of individual muscle groups is what guarantees a perfect appearance. If was so indeed, all those who firmly attach to the gym, it looks like young gods and the streets we would see many beautifully built men and a super-sleek women … Why so hundreds attending the gym and fitness people, still struggling with the majority of the problems through which began their adventure with fitness?
Our body is a kind of construction site (after all, we try to encapsulate the great muscles and finishing our building, grind the excess mortar wall oblepiającej-reduction of body fat). Since we have a site, you must provide the necessary materials for its implementation-brick (protein) and mortar (carbohydrates and fats), everything must be delivered in a certain amount and ratio of the materials (macronutrients of food) to our building eye-catcher and aroused admiration . With proper supply of these components in relation to our metabolism and energy expenditure, we are able to freely depending on our priorities, modify body weight and the ratio of tissue in the body. We build our discretion with the same materials dostarczymy.Tylko depends on us whether we will have a beautifully made​​, finished the last grinding “home” of the highest quality materials (wholesome, healthy food products), whether it be a poor shack (accidental meals of unknown composition, excess or deficiency of calories from dietary macronutrients in the wrong proportions …) .For our choice and we have only an influence! actually be nourishing even without specialized training will be looked dobrze. Not everyone, after all, want to have 50 cm circuit arm. If you train 3-5 times a week and we should eat five well-balanced meals a day is which factor is more important? for our construction took place smoothly and the appropriate rate should also be provided on the square adequate machinery and equipment through which, bricks and mortar get to the right place … is extremely difficult to take the right amount of bricks and mortar on the 10th floor, not having a wheelbarrow and a lift … It’s the role of the manipulation of nutrients at the right time and day of event for the efficiency of this process are the responsibility of the vitamins and minerals that our children’s construction are like blocks, which you can draw on the roof. So we have the first and most important factor in building a beautiful body!


To build run smoothly and according to the guidelines, you have to consider another factor-recovery or rest. At the construction site are already high quality materials, mixed together in suitable proportions. Workers began to build. It can not be, however, at this stage to speed up … Unfortunately the combination of bricks bricks with mortar, transport them to the appropriate place and combined them together, you have to wait until the mortar “bind” together bricks and dry, creating a solid wall. Suitable conditions make this process goes faster and more efficiently. That the workers were building our building efficiently and effectively give them an appropriate amount of time after hard work at leisure. Then they worked hard and efficiently! Sleep is our greatest ally in the fight for a great physique. The more we rested the more intense will be our workouts, the brighter our mind and greater efficiency of everything we do! Eight hours of sleep per night is the most optimal number of trainees in the night … Ideally you would have to cut a 40 minute nap during the day (maybe after a grueling workout?). Wellness services such as massage, sauna, jacuzzi, there are additional advantages in the fight for our constitution. In addition to the building, you must clean up after the construction site to the remnants of materials (by-products of metabolism) does not hinder the work. At this stage, a person does not Training and Training recreational meet the factors that enable to enjoy healthy and young appearance of their bodies!


Time for stimulating muscle growth That guarantee! The training is for our body signals that it needs to adapt to the loads which is subjected to. What must we do to the garage, which we built our house, adapted to accommodate a small car, they wanted to fit a large car? We need to enlarge it! Such a task is just heavy, intense training. Simply put: the effort to stimulate the development of muscle tissue, making it we bring it to microdamages-it is as if the workers sliding individual bricks increasing their surface. Our goal is to provide larger quantities of building materials (brick and mortar) that in the free space was at build. But we must remember that our bodies as a priority choose their own experience rather than a large mass of muscle and if materials run out basic life processes will fetch them from their own tissues (lost work and to survive, sell what seems to us the least need at home . really destroy in training our muscles to later, while relaxing the body to adapt to the next hard training, “increasing” trained muscle, by incorporating the resulting damage to the following building blocks. depends on us the form that will take the building! Knowledge of anatomy in operating range and function of the muscular system is essential when building a proportional body (we need to know the robot to build a house of this size and proportions as we respond-many practitioners perform squats and instead build muscular thighs, buttocks increase …). Knowledge of operations and operating range of the muscle, will allow us to stimulate construction areas in which we care most about (some people want to have a larger living others

kitchen). If you want the expanded body muscle mass, we need to force it! If the muscle is able to cope imposed his work, it will not develop because the body there is no need! Let us remember, therefore, a continuous stimulation and changes in stimuli (load, number series, the length of rest breaks, changing angles and the order of execution of exercises).


We come to the point where we used the basic elements of construction. We have a beautiful house, in excellent condition. We would like, however, that he presented the class to the last detail, this will set it apart from the many beautiful buildings … It can also be expanded even if we want to. It is time to use the highest quality finishing materials (“golden handle”.) Many exercisers assigns supplements unusual activity or believes that they are anabolic steroids or contain in its composition (the more, the word “anabolic” is on many labels) . Seems to them that they are a recipe for success! After meeting the previous factors. What are supplements? It’s the smallest particles, which are part of our diet, this is isolated in the laboratories of the smallest building blocks of nutrient extracted or created in their image! Well we after two or three tiny brick as when the building they are missing the whole set? Did you buy the “golden handle” with no door? Where to mount? I often hear questions like: what to take to HMB? Or maybe ask the opposite: what to take HMB? Or lyrics: I do not need BCAA, because I have them in a nutrient protein … I have BCAA in egg boiled hard boiled! Did you know?


The most controversial topic! For the uninitiated, the only factor by which ensure a dignified professional muscle growth! Nothing could be further from the truth … Anabolic steroids are drugs used in hospitals patients requiring determinant anabolic organizmu.Dochodzimy here two concepts that watchful familiar with the elementary school, with biology lessons … To put it simply:

ANABOLISM-process in which the body accumulates components.

Catabolism-the process in which the body gets rid of the ingredients.


The square of our building is still something dzieje. Odbywa but this in your tempie.Robotnicy are paid per hour of work, so the work is progressing, but the pace is ogranic zone.Steryd introduced into the body is like a raw construction manager! Workers under his supervision are working on chord! Everything is fast and sprawnie.Super, right? and here we come to the point … What we the team of specialist workers and well-organized construction manager when the missing building materials? Does the number of bricks, mortar bag of poor quality, this team is specialized in able to build something that will satisfy you? If you still think that the athletes and the people who impress you the appearance of your muscles, your success achieved thanks to steroids, and you could look the same, if you’d not reached, start reading from the beginning … Check more about how to gain muscle for skinny guys at home

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Comment by JackieWilburn on April 24, 2020 at 6:36am

Yes, I agree with your content and would like my team members to follow your points in the next publication. I am sure people would like this effort and all these factors are leading ones. Keep it up and thanks for sharing this.


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