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Add a sweetness to the harvested love

 Autumn is the harvest season of the whole year, and of course the harvest season of love. Think of how sweet your love will be this fall? In case you're still hesitating, check out some wedding cake pictures that we've brought along to give you some advice.

  The romantic autumn wedding cake adds a sweetness to the harvested love

  These colorful wedding cakes are a big gift for the new couple. With a variety of flowers as decorative theme, various colors and gestures of…


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Classic western wedding planning

 1. Site selection

  Before a western-

  style church wedding, the first thing to do is to choose a venue, not a

  church. And, of course, to invite a priest as a witness. When choosing a

  church, it is important to note that the cost and specific requirements of

  the church will be different, and some places will have to pay the

  appropriate amount of money. Some places are free, or you can donate some

  money to use them. Some places may…


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Orchard wedding - the hedonism of the lotte archer

 Sagittarius people believe in freedom, freedom and speed. They are humorous, straightforward and sincere, and have a philosophical outlook on life. They also hope to be able to spread their fiery vitality and pleasure to others. Orchard is most suitable for summer and autumn wedding, lotte frankness striker will be moved by tree full of fruit, will naturally bring all the feeling of relatives and friends, to share with you.

  Warehouse wedding - the avant-garde will only be enjoyed…


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The Aegean sea is the recommended destination for honeymoon in October

Mediterranean Aegean is rich celebrities around the world with tourists yearning resort, and is located in the east of the Aegean sea, not only is the cradle of western European civilization, modern democratic right, for the passenger, the symbol of romantic journey not to take the ferry to the experience of the Aegean islands to play for a few days, are world-class players as unqualified. After the Olympic Games, we enjoyed the journey and the charm of the Aegean…


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The most walkable city in the world

 There is nothing like a walking tour to truly feel a city. Stroll around the city, explore hidden attractions, interact with locals, and experience the local flavor. What's more, it's the most environmentally friendly way to travel.


  If you want to take a walk and see the sights, go to the heart of Munich, where there are walkable sidewalks and you can see the beauty of Bavaria everywhere. You must not miss the English garden in the beautiful scenery you will…


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Rental car matters to help couples choose the most desirable wedding car

1. Determine the candidate car and route

  Generally, 2-3 kinds of cars can be selected as candidates for their own wedding car. Be sure to make arrangements with your partner so that you don't end up in a bad mood on your wedding day by choosing a car they don't like. With a few more options, it's easier to rent a car on wedding day, especially during the wedding season. To determine the driving route, on the one hand, the number of kilometers and time required can be estimated; on…


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Zhou yu-min's wife yu hongyuan flirted with their wedding ring after their wedding

 On November 10, on the eve of singles day, zhou yumin, a young man, posted a message on his microblog that he was married to his wife, yu hongyuan. So let's take a look at wed114.

  It is reported that zhou yu-min's wife yu hongyuan is also an actor, once with zai zai the role of "the rascally hero", the appearance is pure, the smile is sweet and lovely. Zhou yumin shows off two wedding rings on his microblog, and netizens ridicule the fact that single dogs have been abused on the…


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The most moving courtship words with deep feeling of beauty

 When you meet the right person in the right time, want to work with her for a lifetime and give her a wedding ring for her, how can I express the most sincere feelings in her heart? If you don't know how to say it, then refer to the following article to collect and organize the most moving marriage words, and find inspiration. .

  The most moving courtship words: the first group

  1, how many regrets because of missing, how many missed because of misunderstanding, how many…


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Better weight loss is known

 Bride weight loss mistake: eat more fruit to lose weight and health

  Eating more fruit to lose weight is a way many people will choose. The composition of general fruit is given priority to with "water", quantity of heat is not very high, also contain a lot of rich vitamin, it is very good "dessert substitute" during reducing weight, eat more also have no relation. But please don't forget: the fruit of "fructose", will be converted to a neutral fat in the liver, to pile up in the…


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Wedding candlestick

People often say: love is fire, fire is love. The pure heart is like a flawless candle waiting in silence, waiting for the beloved partner to ignite the spark of love. Love is eternal; it is the fire that never dies. It was a happy moment, an exciting moment. It symbolizes the spark of love, which illuminates their wonderful life and their brilliant future. They move slowly toward the good life stage, they will be lit up the burning love flame, light up the life of each course, burning love…


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What to prepare before marriage: march before the wedding

 1. Location of wedding banquet

  Mobilizer: hotel management and friends from the bank

  If you pick a day when restaurants are hot, book early to avoid trouble. Ask a friend about the characteristics of the selected restaurant to determine if they meet your requirements.

  Move house on a date

  Mobilizers: moving companies and friends

  You must say goodbye to your parents' home, keep your own things in order and buy all the necessary daily…


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A bride with long middle hair goes through the procedure of coiffure

Long hair in the bride go hair easy to learn, elegant generous, two plait clever dish, both appear relaxed and agile, and very chic, plus a beautiful hair, more show elegant and charming bride.

  Step 1: first take care of the hair clean, all hair to the back of the head, split the hair into the left and right two parts, in the back of the head place tie two ponytail.

  Step 2: divide the ponytail into two strands of hair. The two strands of hair are crossed and…


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The stylish and romantic wedding cake makes the cake look different

 How about a single layer or multiple layers of wedding cake? Multilayer afraid of waste, single layer afraid of monotony. The fashionable and romantic creative wedding cake, the single-layer wedding cake is also beautifully made and creative, allowing the cake to show different styles. Let's take a look at some creative wedding cake pictures of fashion and romance. How does the cake look different

  Although wedding cakes are usually towering like towers, a simple single layer…


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What don't you know about the list of western wedding props


  Indicate the wedding direction for guests and distinguish different functional areas. Indication for the guests quickly find the venue location is very important, often also can make participants more thoughtful details arrangement can realize the considerate service, also pay attention to the unity of the whole wedding logo sign.

  Sign in Taiwan

  Many new people's check-in desk is actually a bookkeeping desk, which is wrong. Besides the most basic reception…


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Wedding ring which finger to wear the most detailed wedding ring for men and women

 Wedding rings originated in ancient Egypt. The engagement and wedding rings were part of the contract. The wedding ring is worn on the bride's ring finger to show her loyalty and obedience to her husband. There was a ring fever in ancient Egypt. It is now popular to exchange wedding rings at weddings. But it's important to note which hand is right for the wedding ring.

  Wedding ring picture

  Which hand is the wedding ring on

  Because we're used to being left to…


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Wedding photo frame material is exquisite

 Wedding photo frame material - prints

  Also called ramana, ramana is now divided into two types: (normal) ramana and crystal ramana. Lamina is a film - mounted photograph pressed together with a density plate. The latter is a layer of crystals (resinous PVC) pressed on the surface of the ramana, which has no borders and looks simpler and more free-flowing. The price difference between the two things is small.

  It is not clear in many of the collections whether the crystals…


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Bridesmaid dress checklist 2: bridesmaid makeup

 Light makeup can foil the bride's beauty and make a qualified green leaf. As a qualified bridesmaid, the most important job is to set off the bride's beauty. Therefore, the bridesmaid should not wear heavy make-up on the day, will rob the bride of the limelight, quietly elegant nude makeup is a better choice, do not wear bright lipstick.

  Bridesmaid dress checklist 3: bridesmaid accessories

  1. The hair decorations on the hair of bridesmaids should not be too gorgeous and…


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Wedding planning is to do what specific process analysis

Couples choose a wedding company to help them complete their wedding when they get married. So what is wedding planning? This is the question that a lot of new people must have, so let the content of the following article answer for everybody one by one.

  What does wedding planning do?

  Wedding planning is the wedding company according to the new people's requirements, to tailor a wedding day process planning. Wedding planners can tailor a romantic wedding to the bride and…


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Congratulations and best wishes from the newlyweds

 A short message can make a new couple smile, and this article will bring you all the best wishes for the new couple.

  1, you find a soul mate for life, marriage is a great life, believe that you would be the most sensible decision, there is love crystallization begot cute baby, don't forget to invite I to have a meal!

  May love fill your sweet life so that every day after tomorrow will be as glorious and joyful as today.

  A beautiful bride is like a rose wine, and…


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Neck dress

The new bridesmaid dress is a short dress with a neck

  The dress that hangs a neck type as if is used cannot outdate classic, can appear in any occasion, and the unexpectedly that hangs a neck chooses is bud silk, hard to avoid gives a person infinite daydream, full of mysterious feeling. And the use of champagne, also make the whole dress appear low-key, appear together with the bride in the wedding, believe you must be the best supporting role.

  A dress with half…


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