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Advantages and disadvantages of dink family

1. Benefits of dink family

(1) you have more time and energy to invest in yourself. Read books, watch movies, play games, travel, do whatever you want.

(2) at some point in your life, you are free from the "stranglehold" of family or society. The word "strong bondage" is

Say your life is largely determined by external mechanisms. The pressure to raise children, the pressure to get married

And so on.

(3) you'll face less financial pressure. With the…


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Men's engagement dress style


A formal dress worn by European men on formal occasions. Its basic structural form is short, suit collar shape, back length,

The back piece is shaped like a dovetail and has two slits. It originates from the costume style of European coachman. Colour is plus with black color, express severe

Solemn, serious, sacred meaning. Western - style dress in general suit different, elegant and smooth and soft fabric and that fit solemn

The modeling of each…


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How does the bride choose the right wedding dress

How does the bride choose the right wedding dress? What should the bride pay attention to when choosing her wedding dress? This may be a problem for many brides, because after all, everyone is not the standard clothing shelf, not every wedding dress is suitable. Therefore, when the bride chooses the wedding dress, she should pay attention to her own figure and choose the wedding dress that can highlight her strengths and avoid her weaknesses.

A bride with broad shoulders



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Night wedding photos are taken like this

See many sunny, blue sky and white clouds wedding photos you have visual fatigue? Do you think you don't want to settle for mediocrity, like the mass wedding photos, the same mountains, rivers, sunshine and beaches? Still struggling with not having the right style for wedding photos? Then hurry to a set of night wedding photos! Cool night as the background, dotted with stars is dotted, dim light not only won't have a dark feeling, but give a person what kind of elegant temperament. Night…


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Why can't the bride see the pregnant woman and see who the bride is bad for

Why can't the bride see the pregnant woman and see who the bride is bad for

It is said that when a bride enters the door on her wedding day, there should be no pregnant women at home. If there are, the pregnant women should also avoid it. Who is not good for a pregnant woman to see the bride? These are some customs inherited by the elders. The customs are different everywhere. You'd better ask your local elders. The following

Why can't the bride see the pregnant…


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What is 29 years of marriage suitable for wedding anniversary

The touch of holding your hand is also the warmth of growing old together. May your love be in the rose garden of may. Only wish happy from this life companion! So what is 29 years of marriage? Let's see.

What is the marriage of 29 years

Married 29 years is a velvet marriage

Written in velvet marriage

Ten years to build with the ship, a hundred years to build a total pillow sleep, in the vast sea of people to find you/me, is clearly a thousand years ago; Countless…


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Can you make up when you are pregnant

Many couples get pregnant before they get married, so they worry about whether they can wear make-up when they get married and how it can hurt their babies. So can you dress up when you're pregnant? Let's see!

Can I wear make-up when I get married

1. In fact, women can also make up after pregnancy. The occasional make-up of pregnant women not only can make their own mood more beautiful, but also can become a beautiful mother in the eyes of others. However, pregnant women should…


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What is three years of marriage

It's a very important holiday, but many people don't know the exact name of their wedding anniversary. Let's take a look at what it's like to be married for three years.

What is a three-year marriage

1. The 3rd anniversary of marriage is a leather wedding, which indicates that the marriage between two people is a little tough.

The 3rd anniversary of marriage in the United States is called the fur marriage, but the 2nd anniversary of marriage in France is called the fur…


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Beautiful sentences for girls

Red candle, red window, and red costume, the new house. Eight thousand guests laughed and both parents were happy. The ceremony of acacia is long, and the music of the music is endless. Two true jinluo account, a true love into the night. Today, small make up to bring the non-mainstream new marriage blessing for everyone to talk about da quan, share the beautiful sentence of blessing girls.

The non-mainstream newlywed blessing to say the da quan blessing girls only beautiful…


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How to improve the wedding romance index pink candles warm people's hearts

A, lighting

The romantic opening of a wedding, not without the perfect match of lights. The specially designed lighting can create the atmosphere of your wedding scene to perfection, and you can even use the lighting to design the combination of your couple's names, which will create a more romantic atmosphere of the wedding scene. Second, is it more romantic to add a dreamy glow to the scene of a new couple or to exchange rings and kisses?

The wedding

Second, the…


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Bridal makeup on the day of the three - dimensional craze swept back

Bridal makeup on the day of the three - dimensional craze swept back

Wear a light foundation

The powder should be light, light and light, with a better moisturizing liquid foundation, thin coating on a good layer. After applying the foundation, before applying the powder, use the powder stick.

Eye shadow dizzy catch

Use champagne eye shadow first dizzy the position of whole eye socket, had better use light color and illuminative eye shadow. Then use coffee eye…


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The men's guide to matchmaking and grooming makes a good impression

Men's appearance

(1) hair style

As the saying goes, to change oneself must start from the beginning, when men and women meet for the first time on a blind date, it is better to have a natural short hair. If for some reason you want to keep your hair long, make sure it's clean, but don't let the dandruff ruin your image. Of course, also do not recommend fastidious too much on hair, for example in the head with some wax or styling gel, because of your own head powder surface, can…


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Latest church wedding quotes

Latest church wedding quotes

Church wedding has gradually become a form of wedding for modern young people, so how can we lack the latest church wedding ceremony words to add luster? Here's a look at some of the different things church wedding preachers can do for us.

The latest example of a church wedding

Q (male) : are you sure that this marriage is a match made by god and would you like to accept xx as your wife? (male) yes, I do.

Q (m) : god has made you…


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Congratulations to my parents on their wedding

Parents play a big role in weddings because they always touch the guests when they speak. On the day of the wedding, the parents are always excited and may not know what to say. The following is to bring parents wedding greetings, sincere expression of love for children, a look.

Congratulations on your parents' wedding

Dear guests,

Good afternoon, everyone! Today is my son x and xx knot red-letter day, thanks to the guests from afar to attend my son's wedding, in this I…


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Creative invitations show personal taste

Life is big when you get married, and when you're ready, don't forget to prepare your wedding invitation. There are many kinds of invitations. What about the wedding invitation? Now invitation letter in addition to the format and appearance is also very important, too the compasses can give a person inflexible impression, so all kinds of style of the invitation letter, you can the be fond of according to oneself and individual character to choose their own style, at the same time also can…


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Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon

It's time to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city and take a breath of fresh air from your honeymoon. Today I'd like to share some of the best places to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon, and if you're a natural and healthy traveler, check it out.

Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon

Shaffsavan, Morocco: psychedelic in blue mountain city

Filled with blue and white sand, like a fairy tale house, the street everywhere can see colorful…


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How to make happy sugar unique creative sugar temptation

Every time I go to a colleague's wedding, I bring either ferrero or Hershey's chocolate. All is too ordinary, ideas and joyful is a part of the wedding ceremony, now more and more young people like to pursue creative alternative wedding, so how to make joyful is different? Creative candy will definitely make your wedding special and give your friends and family a warm memory. If you can arrange the style of candy according to the theme of the wedding, it will be more thoughtful!…


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Creative bride hair style fresh and chic and unconventional

Creative bridal hairstyle picture: mist flower gauze

Will the hair all close up is fixed next bundle the head gauze of hard simple sense into the shape of flower, make a fleecy and lightsome feeling, integral modelling is chic and unconventional, still can build a mysterious feeling. Suitable for the bride with small hair and soft hair.

Creative bridal hairstyle picture: soft feather flower

Feather is the best ornament that foil a bride's romantic breath, after making…


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Reveal the marriage customs of the aquatic girls marry out of the taboo thunder day

According to the customs of the aquatic animals, couples cannot share a room on the wedding night. The bride is accompanied by the maid of honor and sleeps. After the wedding, the groom goes to invite the bride back, and the real life of the couple begins. Some brides come home for a month or two at the first time, calling it "sitting at home", which is actually a remnant of the marriage custom of "never leaving the husband's house". On the way out of the bride's marriage, the most taboo…


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The middle parting of the bride's hair enhances your temperament

1. The woman in his life, marriage is one of the most important moment, of course to choose a chic and beautiful bride hairstyle, distributing in the Korean on the design of the bride hairstyle, aesthetic style and temperament, tie-in noble crown, delicate face, wedding banquet, will be impressive four oh.

2. We are going to build a happy family together with our beloved ones. The beautiful girls don't want to make a beautiful bride's hair, so your bridegroom can't bear to look away?…


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