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How to Organize a Fashion Show? Here are 5 Tips to Consider Before Planning the Show

Theme? Music? Lightning? Fashion shows are a great way to gather together those who are passionately in love with the fashion industry. It can be a fun and unforgettable experience to organize and host the show. If you pay attention to all details, including the small ones, you’ll create a beautiful show that will be remembered by many long time after. Keep in mind that organizing such an event can be overwhelming, stressful, and expensive. If you aren’t…


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Should you dress down when you have acne breakouts?

Here it goes again. You wake up in the morning only to discover that your face is full of small pimples. Now that you take a closer look, you notice some zits on the shoulders too. Something like this knocks your confidence down. If you’ve had minor trouble as an…


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The Perks of Being a Fashion Model

The life of a model may seem like it’s all glitz and glam, but in reality, it takes a lot of hard work. To become a successful model, you need more than good looks and talent. You need to keep yourself in good shape, a lot of confidence to deal with rejection and criticisms, and excellent communication skills so you can make the most out of every opportunity. 

With that being said, a career in modeling comes with…


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What Does It Take to Become a Successful Model?

Are you interested in becoming a model? This career has a reputation for being highly competitive, but it can also be very rewarding as long as you are committed and hard-working. The path to success requires more than good looks and talent.

Modeling is a multi-faceted profession, which means you’ll need to have a wide range of skills to distinguish yourself from your competitors and make a memorable impression.…


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How to Organize a Fashion Event

Fashion shows are supposed to be a little over the top. Actually, the more they push boundaries the more likely it is they’ll be remembered. Maybe you’re planning a fashion show to promote your own line of clothes, you’re helping a designer friend or its part of a fundraiser. You still need to think outside the box and have a few elements that give your guests a sense of novelty. 

These events are also attended by…


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How do dancing skills help your modelling career?

Dancers who’ve always wanted to pursue a career in the ever-changing world of fashion have now more chances than ever. As well as the art of fashion, dancing skills are also considered by many people to be a spectacular form of art. Alike fashion, dancing allows people to freely express themselves when the words are insufficient. The art of dancing has always brought people similar experiences like the joy we feel over a newly discovered love, the…


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Putting together your first fashion show? Here’s what you need to consider

Fashions shows are supposed to be more creative, engaging and, aesthetically pleasing than any other event you have been to. People in the fashion industry are known for always pushing boundaries and coming up with interesting ways to showcase their vision, no matter if we are talking about a minimalistic collection, or an Avant-Garde one. 

With all that in mind, putting together your first fashion show is…


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7 Out of The Ordinary Locations to Host Your Next Fashion Show

Fashions shows are incredible events, full of vibrant clothes, beautiful models and important people in the industry. If you manage to wow those present, your chances of making it in the industry will be a hundred times higher.

But without attention to detail and proper planning, fashion shows would not be as thrilling as we know them to be. A good designer will know to…


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A Look Inside the Less Glamorous Side of Fashion Modeling

From the point of view of those outside the modelling industry, it all looks so glamorous and enviable, but for the models themselves, it’s more of a nightmare than a dream. Although these women are presented as the very ideal of how a woman should aspire to be, most of the time they’re forced to crash diet although they’re already thin, they’re asked to do a lot of unpaid work and if they refuse they get blacklisted for future opportunities and they have to…


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When passionate about fashion, opening a clothing boutique is a great idea

From your passion for fashion, you should start a clothing boutique that offers people the opportunity to explore their fashion sense. Boutiques are different than clothing retailers because they offer their clients the impression of stepping into an intimate environment. Your advantage is that you address to a specific public that is looking for a very specific style, and by providing it, you retain clients. 



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Beginner’s guide to using chemical exfoliation at home

Chemical exfoliation, or using a chemical peel refers to applying a higher strength exfoliant that has a pH generally around 2.0. When people do their own chemical peels at home, they’re usually using the lower strength stuff, not what you might be getting at a clinic. It’s stronger than an exfoliating cream but safe enough to use on your own and the products with a pH of 2.0 tend to work…


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The unspoken truth about mental health in the fashion industry

The world of fashion is often portrayed as a world of luxury, glamor, large beautiful smiles, and a lot of extravagances. At least that’s what you see when you look at the models on the catwalk, isn’t it? They are walking confidently while displaying a large breathtaking smile that makes you think their life is simply perfect. 



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7 Fashion Icons Who Have Struggled with Substance Abuse

The fashion industry is known for the art, beauty and the overall glamorous feeling of each event. But there is another aspect of this industry that is just as real – substance abuse. Models, photographers, designers, almost anyone in the industry has been linked, in one way or another, with substance abuse. While some managed to overcome addiction and started speaking openly about the issues they were going through, others firmly denied, even when faced with…


Added by Cynthia Madison on October 21, 2019 at 4:46am — 1 Comment

6 Luxury Fashion Brands That Have Joined the Homeware Game

Gone are the days when luxury fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Hermes were pouring all their creativity into designing handbags, clothes, and shoes. With the home furnishing market experiencing a revenue growth that is expected to exceed 1 trillion dollars, high-end fashion brands found the perfect moment to emerge from the dressing and take on the rest of the house.

Each fashion house found a way to…


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Coping with the stress of working in the fashion industry – wellness advice for models

Between runway shows and photo-shoots, working as a model can often involve a chaotic schedule. Doing your job right means keeping your eating habits and fitness program on-point as well, and everything you have to do to become and remain successful in the fashion industry can often cause a constant state of pressure and a lot of…


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Fabulous exclusive homes of 5 famous fashion designers

The fashion industry has been revolutionized along the years by a number of creative and innovative designers. You’ve seen their work and might have even worn their clothes, but what you didn’t know about them is that their impressive good taste has gone beyond the world of fashion. Some of the most famous designers, the ones you’ve probably talked…


Added by Cynthia Madison on August 8, 2019 at 9:15am — 3 Comments

Getting ready for your first fashion video shoot: tips for models

Although during a video shoot the director and cinematographer will give you some tips on how to pose, display the product, and say your lines, some things are up to you as a model. If you’ve just started your modeling career, or you’ve only done photoshoots until now, it’s normal to feel a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera at first, but don’t…


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Must see wedding gowns trends for 2020

Are you wondering what is trending in the world of wedding gowns? It highly depends on the designer because different creators have different visions, and definitive trends are no longer something real in the wedding world. The real brides decide many trends and it’s understandable to see some classic models every year on the runaway. But some influences define every season. For example, Meghan Markle’s long-sleeved gown was a major trendsetter for 2019. 2019 was the year of minimal…


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Products every man should use to care for his facial skin

Most men would answer that they have a simple skincare routine, they wash, shave, and apply an after-shave product. Recent studies show that only 15% of men take time using other skin care products regularly.

But you should start being more concerned about your skin because spending a couple of minutes in the bathroom before leaving the house can work wonders on your complexion. This doesn’t mean that you will use as many products as your partner, you will need only…


Added by Cynthia Madison on July 16, 2019 at 9:15am — 1 Comment

Dress to Impress - Fashion Tips for Job Interviews

The way you dress for an interview can play a vital role in the success of the meeting. Although your skills and knowledge relevant for the job position are crucial, the appearance is the first impression you give to the employer. Dressing inappropriately for the…


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