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The beautiful moonstone

  The bright moon is the best gift of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the bright moonlight that is reflected by the reflection of the sun will make people feel quiet and beautiful. Among the name jewelry, there is also a gemstone that is beautiful like moonlight, which is called moonstone. What is moonstone? Moonstone is an aluminosilicate mineral of sodium and potassium. It is a member of the feldspar family. The English name is moon stone, which is called "the stone of…


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Jewelry monogatari

   Necklace monogatari: Necklace represents lock you tightly and hope that I am the only one in your heart. The wearing position of the necklace is very close to the heart, and the necklace will have a lock action, which means that the peer does not want you to be taken away by others, and wants to accompany you for the rest of your life. If it is a single, friend stage, then sending custom…


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Will you choose these jewellery which are not worthwhile

  For gold jewelry, men wear more than women, jewelry is the most worn style of women, gold jewelry is the so-called prime gold, without any decoration and other metal-doped gold jewelry. There are more kinds of jewellery. Inlaid style jewelry, gemstone style, color gold, rose gold, 14k, 18k, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pearl inlays, crystal inlays, etc. are more popular among women. These name jewelry…


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How to wear gold jewelry is the best to show fashion and temperament

  As the leader of the jewellery industry, gold my name jewelry will not have a problem that can't be overdone. Nowadays, the old-for-new activities can be seen all year round, so gold as one of the items that can preserve value is one of the choices of many people who like to invest. However, the main function of gold jewelry is still worn. Many people wear gold jewelry is not good-looking. In…


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Wearing gold jewelry precautions

  Most women face these dazzling gold my name jewelry will always feels that they can't start, they don't even know how to buy it. You must know that the selection of gold jewelry is also a matter of learning. Don't just look at the style you feel good and  want to buy it. Many good-looking gold jewelry is only suitable for collection, not suitable for long-term wear. Common sense about buying skills related to gold jewelry.

Hallow style gold bracelet



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Pearls --- a gift from time

  Elegance is the motto of many women's lives, and they are their attachment to the world. In the gorgeous jewelry kingdom, pearls are undoubtedly synonymous with "elegance" and also the favorite of elegant women.

  Talking about the elegance of women, the first thing that comes to mind is Audrey Hepburn, who has the reputation of "the angel of the world". Her classic style in "Tiffany's Breakfast", holding her high hair and dressing herself. Givenchy little black dress with a…


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How to classification jewelry

    We often say that there are many jewellery, so do you know how the custom necklace jewelry category is divided? In the distant Stone Age, the most primitive forms of human jewellery were: accessories, waist ornaments, arm ornaments, wrist ornaments, headwear, etc., without a clear classification. But there is a very remarkable feature: smooth, regular, small, beautiful, these…


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Tips for choosing silver jewelry

What are the tips for buying silver jewelry?

  1. Look at the regulations for the identification of national gold and silver jewelry labels: “Each piece of gold and silver jewelry should have a logo”. The marking includes materials, name, gold content, silver content and brand names, such as "S925" and "S990", which means that the silver content is 92.5% and 99% respectively; the gold and silver jewelry without logo is not reliable.
  2. Look at…

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What exactly is rhinestone? Is it a diamond or a crystal?

     When we buy jewelry in some small stores, we often find that many small gemstones are used for decoration. If you ask what material it is, the merchant will usually tell you that it is a rhinestone. "What is a rhinestone?" "The rhinestone is splints." The merchant will answer you. So over time, many people think that the rhinestone is splints, and the splints is a rhinestone, which is worthless. So, is this true? Today, we will explain to you the two concepts. What is a rhinestone? Is…


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Constellation’s lucky stone

    Aries's lucky stone is tourmaline. It is actually a borosilicate crystal known as the "rainbow gem". Because it contains various chemical elements such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium and potassium, it has been sought after by many fashion people and has a place in the collection market in recent years. Tourmaline is a gemstone that can open the nervous system and promote blood circulation, and is a more powerful stone than the general crystal. Studies have shown that…


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Who would have thought jewelry would be so popular in hip-hop culture

    In the early 1970s, Kurtis Blow appeared on the cover of his debut album, wearing several gold chains. As the owner of the first gold-certified hip hop record in history, it’s natural for Blow to wear gold on the cover of his album. In the next 30 years, countless singers followed his style, and the chest muscle plus gold chain became the standard for hip hop singers. Later, all hip hop singers will buy gold monogram pendant necklaces with to commemorate the milestones they have…


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Which shade of emerald can be called Verdant Green

  In the book "Nature History" written by Old Pliny in the first century AD, he once described emeralds " nothing is greener than it." He also described the use of emeralds by gemologists. “If you want to relax your eyes, there is nothing better than staring at emeralds. Its mild and turquoise color can soothe and eliminate their fatigue and lack of energy.” Pliny mentioned one of the main factors affecting the value of emeralds - color.

  Hue: color categories, such as red, yellow,…


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The power and efficacy of crystal

Crystal anti-electromagnetic radiation article

  Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. As a modern person, the radiation that is invisibly accepted has become an indispensable part of the life. The radiation of mobile phones, microwave ovens, televisions, computers, etc., which we can’t live without in daily life, are always dangerous with our health, they are both good helpers and healthy invisible killers. The low-frequency electromagnetic radiation in computers and household…


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October birthstone - tourmaline

    Tourmaline has a variety of exciting colors. In fact, among all gemstone types, tourmaline has the widest range of colors, with almost different shades of color. Many of the names of tourmalines are inspired by their own colors: red tourmalines are the collective term for pink, red, magenta, orange-red or red-brown tourmalines, although some in the industry believe that the term does not apply to pink tourmaline. The color of the blue tourmaline includes indigo, blue or green-blue…


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Pattern Meaning of 3D gold ring

   Today, jewelers will design 3D hard gold rings, pendants and bracelets with pattern, whether it is to send elders, friends, family, or wear them yourself is perfect clothes matching. So, what are the meanings of different patterns of 3D hard gold accessories?


  People's impression of dogs is docile, loyal, brave and cute. In the New Year, people look forward to "the harvest of the grain, the prosperity of the six animals." "Wangwang…


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A deep interpretation of ruby

Red is the color that the Chinese think is festive, which represents love, strength and enthusiasm, and also symbolizes the prosperous of life. In the fascinating world of colored gems, rubies are recognized as the king of gems. Natural rubies are mostly from Asia (Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka), Africa and Australia, and there is also a bit in Montana and South Carolina. Natural rubies are rare and precious, and industrial rubies are artificial. Ruby refers to the red and pink…


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Tips for matching accessories

When wearing jewelry, you must pay attention to the rules of matching, and try to coordinate with the costumes. The jewelry you wear must be a part of the overall clothing. It is necessary to take into account the color, texture and style of the garments, and strive to make them match in collocation and style.

Here are some precautions for wearing different kinds of jewelry.



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Misconception of buying jewelry

  1. Thinking that all jewelry you buy will retain its value. It's not uncommon to hear a shopping guide talking to consumers that buying gold jewelry is good, and the value is equal to saving money in the jewelry store. In fact, gold jewelry is not the same as gold, which contains many aspects such as raw materials, process, labor costs, etc., much higher than the price of gold itself. When the price of gold rises, the price of jewelry will immediately rise; when the price of gold…

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The best jewelry to buy on sale

Although the price of gems is relatively cheap, it is better not to buy, nor to buy fake gems. There are so many kinds of jewelry, it is recommended that you should consider your age, occupation, temperament and appearance. Find the jewelry that suits you best. Although many products will be promoted, but if the price is low, do you dare to buy it? Jewelry is expensive to sell, first of all, its cost is high. From the mining area to the consumer, it has experienced multiple processes,…


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Diamond Wedding Dress

You show the carat diamond ring<here>, she is wearing a diamond wedding dress with a value of 6 million yuan!

When mention Myanmar, many people will think of jade and ruby, because it is really famous. Although Myanmar is very poor, the wealthy people in Myanmar are very luxurious. The marriage scene of a local rich man in Myanmar was exposed recently, the luxury…


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