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Today I noticed a new member that works in the warehousing end of the fashion industry (Brian - from Jam Warehouse).

For those of you that do not know, Brian's company handles re-labeling, re-ticketing etc. This type of company is crucial for companies that need typical warehouse and re-work services, but it is also a very important service for new designers.

Lets keep in mind that as a new designer, we are typically producing garments in low quanity. As a result, the factories charge high prices (low quantities = high prices). Now, lets say for example you are designing a line of printed t-shirts that you wish to sell to rock stars in Los Angeles... If you purchase blank t-shirts directly from a factory and have your brand sewn in the label, you may have elevated prices. You may actually get a better deal on shirts if you find excess inventory and then have a company like Brian's change the labels for you. They take out the old brand and replace with your brand label. You can then proceed to the print shop to add your touch of style to the shirt. The reality is that the printing quality, design work, and embellishing is what makes most t-shirts unique. So if you are buying a fairly basic t-shirt silhouete, you really do not need the shirt custom cut and sewn. Just get the blank and do your magic with the print work.

Anyway, I am NOT saying that this is definitely the best way to go. However, this is a possibility to consider. By the way, if you do not need your own brand label in the garment, you can find blank shirts and not worry about label changes.

Note: Always, keep in mind that you must use an experience company when doing label changes. You will always have the risk of fabric being damaged when the old labels are removed. Just something to keep in mind...

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Thanks for the info. I currently purchase from AA (American Apparel) and cut off the tag and print my own. In other words I go tagless, I will do a little research on Brian maybe we can work something out if . Thanks again.
Your process is a good one. Some times going with no label is cost effective. I guess it depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you wish to develop brand recognition, it is good to have a label. Also, keep in mind that some times baby clothing gets passed along to other siblings or family friends. Kids grow so fast, clothing is some times passed around so that people can save on expenses.. Anyway, if your garment gets passed along, it would be nice for the new owner to see your brand label in the garment. Maybe the next time they shop, they would look up your brand (maybe a good idea to put your web address on the label as well).

Again, some times using no label is beneficial and some times using your brand label is beneficial. Obviously, doing a label change would reduce your profit margin because no one will change your labels for free...

I am familiar with American Apparel (based in California). It is my understanding that they are being acquired by Endeavor Acquisition Corp. If you are interested you can check them out because they are a public company with stock symbol EDA. Anyway, I am not sure about blank baby clothing, but you can find companies selling blanks from the following two pages if you needed to research other blank clothing suppliers.

Wholesale Blank T-shirts

Corporate Apparel

You can find companies that do label changes etc. at the refurbishing page. Also check out Brian's company because he is a new member of the network. I personally have not used any of the suppliers on those pages so I can not give any specific recommendations. You will have to do your own research.
Hi friend !
i will say thank for this information and i know it
is happened most of place but we do not know about it .
If you are buying for a fashion boutique, you are most likely purchasing from a clothing wholesaler (company that buys from factories and then sells to retailers). Wholesalers will often sell designer brand names or private label.

Designer Brand Names: If the "wholesaler" is not the actually owner of the designer brand name, they would need a licensing agreement from the brand owner. If you were buying licensed product (designer brands), my guess is that it is NOT legal for you to change the label and place your own label on the garment. If you can get prior approval from the brand owner, that is another story.

Private Label : wholesalers often work with factories to provide retailers with garment based on the stores private label brand. If your orders are too small for the wholesaler to help you with a private label order, you can possibly ask them to allow you to make the label changes on your own. In my opinion, if they do not have a "famous" brand currently on the garment they should allow you to make the label change on the garments.

If you are buying clothing directly from a factory, I think they will allow you to change the label if you choose to do so. If the garments are physically at a factory location, I would highly suggest that you negotiate with the factory to have them do the label change for you so you do not have the headache of managing label changes on your own. If they say your order is too small for them to do the label change, just make it clear to them in writing that if you purchase their items you do intend to change the label on your own.

If you are buying blank shirts and then embellishing the shirt with embroidery, printing, etc., changing the labels is absolutely fine. Companies do this every day. However, buying a pair of designer jeans and then simply changing the labels and re-selling them that may be another story. I am not sure if this would be un-ethical, but I would say it is un-imaginative. Embellish the clothing in some way to make it unique. If you put your stamp of creativity on the garment, I think it is fair to make the label change (again I am not a lawyer so do not understand the legality of this issue).

In summary, to judge the ethics of label change is really on a case by case basis. Certain situations are fine and other situations are not so fine...

If I was opening a fashion boutique and wanted to promote my own brand, my first step would be to find a company to provide me with good design and good quality. Once I found them, I would explain the situation and ask for there approval to allow the label change. If they did not want to lose my business, they would agree to allow the label change. If they did not agree, I would simply contact other suppliers until I found one that would agree...

I am not sure if I have properly answered the question you were asking. If not, tell me your comments and I will try again... Anyway, I hope part of my answer helped in some way... Good luck.
Dear Apparel 1,

I am not sure if you are familiar with Cache Inc., a higher-end (boutique) retailer. They actually take other designers garments and relabel it as their own (Cache). Do you know how they get around the legal minutia to relabel, and sell the merchandise?

Thank you.
Caché is a nationwide, mall-based specialty retailer. I have never done business with them nor do I know the methods that they utilize. It is very possible that they purchase from the designer and have approval to re-label.

In all honesty, I am really not certain the circustances of the situation. Therefore, I am not certain if they are "getting around" a legal issue or not.

Note: Please note that I am only a garmento, and do not really know the facts of the law on re-labeling. Everything that I have stated above is simply my opinions. Hopefully, a lawyer will join in the discussion and point out the correct rules.

If anyone else has knows the actual legal requirements of re-labeling, please let us know.


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